Promoter Abitex Hints On His Possible Cross Over to NRM From Bobi Wine’s People Power.

Events Promoter, Abitex has opened up about how he has been working with President Museveni whilst working with Bobi Wine’s pressure group, People Power.

Promoter Abitex

The promoter relayed to the public that he has no problem with President Yoweri Museveni and hinted on his possible official shift from People Power to the NRM as he is fed up of politics of pretension.

“I have no problem with President Museveni. I have been working with him since 2011. All I want to say is, I want to leave politics of showbiz. In a month’s time, I will announce something new. But for now, I am tired of persuading people to be anti-government and in the end they pay me with insults," the promoter poured out his verbatim.

Abitex’s revelation comes at a time when a number of youths have run away from Bobi Wine’s People power to the ruling NRM.

The most recent being Ashburg Kato who accused Bobi Wine of being stingy. He had also revealed that Abitex and Bobi Wine’s bodyguard Eddie Mutwe are NRM spies.

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