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Prophet Elvis Mbonye Denies Bonking Former Miss Uganda.

Zoe Ministries lead shepherd, Prophet Elvis Mbonye has rubbished claims that he and a one, Stella Nantumbwe alias Ella were seeing each other bedroomwise.

Almost two years ago, Stella Nantumbwe, a former miss Uganda threatened to sue media houses for alleging that she was carrying the prophet's baby. It was also reported how the controversial man of God was the man behind her lavish and luxurious lifestyle.

This revelation was reached after the Big Brother Africa star frequented Elvis' weekly sermons more than normal, something which the remnants suspected was due to a relationship that went past friendship. These suspicions were intensified when Ella threw a lavish birthday party. It was alleged it was financed by Mbonye.

However, Elvis stated that he never met the beauty queen personally and only learnt about her in the news and through his driver.

"I was at the airport when my driver told me what was happening. I was also surprised because I had never met or talked to her, ” Mbonye said during a recent interview.

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