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'Put A Stop To Such Shows', Lydia Jazmine Appeals To UCC Over MC Ibrah.

'I am hurt and pained...' singer Lydia Jazmine has revealed after Wolokoso Xtra host. MC Ibrah Attakoga Attagejja bashed her for sleeping with fellow artiste, Fik Fameika and aborting for him.

MC Ibrah had earlier branded the 'couple' as stupid and foolish enough to put away a child they could not take care of. He accused the masuuka hit maker for being foolish enough to allow Fik Fameika, who he called 'young and ignorant' to impregnate her.

"Two stupid musicians can't be together, now Imagine the kind of child they would bring into this world, they are both just cows and i can;t even picture them chewing each other" he said in a Luganda verbatim.

Lydia Jazmine and Fik Fameica

Lydia Jazmine has however reacted with tears and lamented how MC Ibrah has constantly attacked her on TV yet UCC is doing nothing. 

"I am hurt and pained by the way this man has constantly attacked me and dragged my name in the dirt. My sick mother, familly and friends have been affected deeply by this. I dont fight with people all i do is my music and mind my own business. You all know me, I never respond or fight anybody, I hv always kept my silence but I Am human and this has brought so much pain to me. I ask for a full apology for all these insults. #ucc needs to put a stop to such shows!' She said.

She hash tagged her post after Sheilah Gashumba's campaign. #stopsocialmediabullyingUganda.

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