• Khinamura

Rabadaba Calls Upon Artistes To Adjust To The Use Of Social Media.

Faisal Seguya alias Rabadaba, has opened up on the current music trends noting that it is all about social media.


While appearing on Next Radio, the ‘Bwekiri’ hit maker said that back in the days, one had to make music and being a musician involved a lot of work unlike today where one only had to understand the dynamics of social media.

‘We were not social media artists. We were not about what you post on Instagram. We were about the music, we were about making songs. That was the big deal but these days it’s all about social media. So, as an artist, definitely, you have to adapt because that’s what is on.’ He said.

He called upon artists in his day to adapt to the changing times and never to undermine the power of social media in promoting their music. Rabadaba is an actor and a singer whose climax of fame was in 2009 with songs like ‘Oli mubi’

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