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Radio Legend, Rogers Mugisha, Tina Fierce Join Sanyu FM As Sudhir Ruparella Shakes Up Radio Industry

Following the unfortunate sit down strike by Sanyu FM Staff over a decision by management to cut their pay by 25% owing to the economic stagnation brought by the Corona Virus, Sanyu FM now has a new team dominated by prominent media personalities including Tina Fierce of Urban Television.

Led by James Onen, aka Fat Boy, the sit down strike saw Sudhir Ruparella firing all employees including Fat Boy who had spent two decades at the station. He advised the fired staff who still wanted their jobs to re-apply for them.

Roger Mugisha

This has paved a way for prominent media personalities such as Kasuku who previously had been working at Dembe FM, Tina Fierce of Urban Television, Rogers Mugisha, who had been previously working at KFM. This new team has been supplemented by celebrated comedian, Patrick Salvado.

It is expected that many more are set to join the Sanyu FM team and apparently the Sanyu FM fired staff are regretting their strike.

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