Ragga Dee Opens Up On How Being A Musician Was Like A Curse.

Celebrated song creator, Daniel Kazibwe popularly known as Ragga Dee has revealed how being a musician in past times was far from bliss as many think.

While appearing on Galaxy FM, a local radio station, the "Oyagala Cash" hit maker revealed how it was an absolute hustle to be a musician in the past years. However, these days musicians live like Kings, owing to the drastic changes and growing popularity of the music industry.

"Being a musician was like a curse until they started living like Kings." Ragga Dee said.

He went on to attack Presidential hopeful, Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) critiquing him on his pride. He advised Bobi Wine to stop acting like he is the only musician who made it to Parliament.

He pointed out that the musicians who joined Bobi Wine's National Unity Platform are mostly failed artistes who used to abuse Bobi Wine. This, he termed as 'Politricks" (political tricks).

"Some of the former DP members who joined NUP used to abuse Bobi Wine. This is now a clear example that politics has now into politricks." Ragga Dee further stated.

It should be noted that Ragga Dee, having joined the NRM is a staunch hardcore Musevenist. He is currently aspiring for the position of Kampala Lord Mayor.

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