Ragga Dee’s Daughter Ballooned. 

Daphine Else Kazibwe, a daughter to veteran singer Ragga Dee has finally conceded to a live leg.

Information reaching our gossip desk reveals that Daphine is pregnant and her father is not happy about it.

A close family member told us that Daphine doesn’t move in public in a bid to hide the pregnancy since the man responsible is not yet known to her family.

We have also been informed that Ragga Dee has already started investigations into the matter to find out the man that made her young lovely daughter pregnant.

However, friends to Daphine are not shocked of the matter. They say that the girl has lived a reckless life for along time and this doesn’t shock them. It was long over due.

A few years back, Daphine was rumored to be a serial dater of married men.

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