Rapper Fik Fameica Settles For Lydia Jazmine.

Word on the grapevine indicates that rapper Shafiq Walukagga aka Fik Fameika might be settling down with fellow singer Lydia Nabawanuka aka Lydia Jazmine.

The wild rumor began when Jazmine featured in Fik Fameica’s new blockbuster music video titled ‘Muko’ acting like a sexy vixen.

Snoops reveal that Fameika is secretly moving out with Jazmine and the two have even gone ahead to record a duet that will keep them storming concerts together.

Lydia Jazmine And Fameica Having Their Moment.

The two hooked up a few months after Fameika was dumped by his former Italian Mzungu girlfriend identified as Chiara Andolina.

The two broke up recently under the unclear circumstance. Sources say Fameika was not committing, which forced the Mzungu to pull the plug. Fik Fameika continued to hang out with other girls even when he was with Andolina.

The last straw that broke the Camel’s back is when the Muzungu learnt that Fameika was two-timing her with Jazmine.

Let’s hope this time the affair will not be short lived like early last year when Fameica ended his fling with former NTV presenter Sheila Gashumba, over irreconcilable differences.

Fameica at onetime hooked up with female sensational DJ only identified as DJ Vee, although it was also short-lived, after which he landed the Mzungu.

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