Rema, Denmark Promoter Clash Over Sebunya Visa.

Although many and people in society have been criticizing songbird Rema Namakula and some advising her to get new lover Dr. Hamza Ssebunya off the stage and back to Hospital, it seems this not about happen any time soon.

Latest reports coming in indicate  that there is a secret ongoing bitter fight and serious disagreement between the “siri Muyembe” singer and a Ugandan music promoter based in Netherlands known as Eddy Bukenya over the number of people she is supposed to travel with for her upcoming concerts in Amsterdaam at Rhone Events center.

The confusion erupted when singer Rema set strict rules for the music promoter to follow. She says for her to appear on stage on 21st march in Netherlands, her husband Sebunya must be in VIP attendance.

She added that among her camp  Sebunya should also be facilitated and taken good care of.

This has sparked off a bitter exchange of words between the two camps since Rema is not about to bend low and let her man stay as she is away.

Sources revealed to us that promoter Eddy clearly told off Rema that he is not about to incur any extra cost and pleads with Rema to understand.

However, Rema insists that her man has to be part of the itinerary at any cost.

Promoter Eddy and his team are currently caught between the rock and hard place since they had already made a deposit on Rema’s costs.

However sources also reveal that the only solution left for the promoters is to intentionally work on Sebunya’s Visa application forms so that he can be denied Visa.

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