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Rema Namakula Hails Hamza Ssebunya As Eddy Kenzo Continues To Hunt For 'Mugole'

Ever since musician Rema Namakula kicked Eddy Kenzo out of her love life and getting married to a famous doctor, Hamza Ssebunya, she has been the focus of the jealous eyes of slay queens who have failed to get a perfect and happy marriage as that of the musician. Rema even went ahead to boast how happy she is with her husband.

Rema Namakula and Hamza Ssebunya

In a recent social media post, Rema hailed her husband as the perfect exempli gratia of a caring man who has never even for an instant faltered in his love, cherishment and admiration of her. She added that she is madly in love with the man who snatched her from musician Eddy Kenzo and the marriage is way beyond her expectations. "You all should know I am in love and this is beyond my expectations. I am cherished everyday by my husband. He cares for me better than anyone," she excitedly said.

The two ever since their marriage have never missed out on any photoshoot opportunity and barely a year into their marriage, a million photos could be seen, something that has inspired feelings of jealousy in the 'Namyekozo" of Kampala.

Eddy Kenzo on the other hand is still in a frantic search for a 'Mugole' He promised his fans the bride (Mugole) will be revealed before this year ends.

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