Rema’s Romance Disgusts Rotarians. 

Just like they say, there is no deadline for love, singer Rema Namakula and hubby Hamza Sebunya have started irritating sections of the public with their Evert display of affection. The couple that was invited by the Rotary Blood bank of Mengo Hospital for a fundraising dinner at the Serena Kampala Hotel recently, ended up annoying some guests. Moles told us that Hamza had sat for close to two hours among the invited guests and he waited for his bride.

As soon as she arrived, they started cuddling like hen-pecked lovers. Guests couldn’t stop twisting their necks to look at the lovers .

Some were heard saying that it was not necessary for the two to make up in public when they live together. As Rema went on stage to perform her song siri muyembe, Hamza was the cheer leader.

Rema and Hamza were recently appointed ambassadors for the blood bank of Mengo Hospital.

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