Rema Would Beg For Sex From Kenzo In Studio, She Sabotaged My Music Career - Pia Pounds.

Well trained  Psychiatrists  recently came out and  revealed  that people are likely to experience mental challenges especially during these times of the curfew and lock down.

Close friends to the Upcoming musician Pia Pounds that was once signed under Big Talent Music owned by Eddy Kenzo fear she could be losing it after the sexy singer has come out to reveal Rema’s sex secrets.

While doing  a media interview  yesterday evening, the singer revealed that fellow musician sabotaged her music career.

Pia pounds also claims that on several occasions, she would bump into Rema clearly begging her boss for sex in Makindye Music Studio.

"I can never be friends with Rema. She did a lot of bad things to me. Actually, she sabotaged my career while I was signed to Big Talent Music, but sadly I kept all secrets including always begging for sex from Kenzo in Studio countless times even when i was around ” she explains.

Pia Pounds was signed by Big Talent Music owned by Eddy Kenzo in 2018.  Kenzo promised to make her a star in the music industry. He also assured   her that he would meet the costs for audio and video production, and promotion of her music.

She later decided to quit the label to avoid further tarnishing of her brand when rumors started coming in that she was in a secret relationship with her boss.

Pia Pounds  also claims Rema often blocked Kenzo from funding her music projects.For two years, Rema treated her like an enemy who was sleeping with her man.

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