Remembering Mowzey Radio.

Today we celebrate another year since Moses Radio died. Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo best known as Mowzey Radio, was a Ugandan musician. He was one of the main performers of the Ugandan music group Goodlyfe Crew together with Jose Chameleone's brother Weasel Manizo.

He was born in January 25th 1985 in Busoga. He grew up with his paternal Uncle (names withheld) where he was well taken care of and loved as their own son.

He started his music career immediately after University where he released his first solo 'kina wamu' in 2004.

Radio had one weapon and that was his voice, which he used to charm his fans. He was a skinny lad, but had a giant voice.

He made great music with his long time friend weasle manizo (Douglas Mayanja) that spoke and still speaks to peoples hearts. Forexample, Zuena, Nakudata, talk and talk, Gutamiza, bread and butter, breath away, Mr DJ, among others.

Unfortunately, in 2018, the singer was allegedly beaten into a coma at a popular hang out spot in Entebbe town, south of the capital Kampala.

He stayed in hospital for quite some time , although his management had stressed his condition was improving.

However, on Thursday February 1st 2018 at 06:00 local time on, the singer, who made up one half of duo Radio & Weasel, lost his fight for life.The whole of East Africa mourned for his death because he was a big part of East African music industry. Continue resting with the Angels Mowzey Radio.

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