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REVEALED; Why Ashburg Kato Denounced People Power.

Long time friend and partner of people power’s Bobi Wine, Ashburg Katto has officially joined the NRM. The defector is a re known blogger and has been a people power fanatic.

The blogger explained that he visited the president in order to present his project proposal, THE GHETTO INITIATIVE which he claims will see the improvement of rural areas.

Ashburg dropped the bomb shell on his official Facebook page. He relayed that he had sworn allegiance to the yellow party after he met the president and Balaam.

The old man with a hat taught him farming, after which he awarded the blogger five cows. Two cows were given to his companions each.

“Yesterday we visited President Museveni from his farm and he taught us farming… (Thank you Balaam Barugahara) I had gone to present my project proposal called THE GHETTO INITIATIVE which is going to see all Kampala ghettos revived. After teaching us all the basics of farming and rearing cows, the president gave me five cows (5) and he also gave my other team two cows each …. He asked us to implement and teach the farming skills he taught us to our fellow youths,” Katto posted.

This revelation triggered the furies of people power die-hards who accused him of ingratitude and espionage. Kato however fired back at them threatening to expose the hypocrites in the popular people power movement.

He also accused the Kyandodo East MP of selfishness. He has done nothing to financially assist his people.

“What did Bobi Wine do to me? Don’t provoke me to speak dirty because what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas, you idiots insulting me should I bring screenshots of What App groups while backbiting Bobi Wine on how he has added nothing to us,” he complained.

“Apart from taking selfies with them and his family at his One Love Beach, Busabala during the frequent cheap parties, I saw no future in staying with the Ghetto Gladiator. Because he wasn’t objective at all towards bettering our standards of living but rather seemed to be a parasite on us. He only centred at the wellness of his family and success of his political goals.” Katto lamented.

The blogger has been with the MP for a very long time and joins Singer Bosmic Otim, who also sometime back quit people power and joined the NRM.

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