• Khinamura

REVEALED; Why Sudhir Ruparella Fired Fat Boy And Entire Sanyu FM Staff.

Sanyu FM Staff have been fired by the Radio’s boss, Sudhir Ruparella.

The Staff have been on a sit down strike protesting their salary which was cut down by 25%. They have been playing nonstop music at the station and all other programs were defunct.

Sudhir was therefore forced to fire his staff claiming their rebellious actions were in breach of their contracts. They thus terminated their contracts on their own.

The staff have however expressed dissatisfaction in the manner in which they were fired. They have appealed to whoever has enough law expertise to help them and challenge Sudhir Ruparella in court over unlawful dismissal in line with the laws of the Republic of Uganda.

‘We are considering Legal action against Sanyu FM for wrongful/unfair dismissal. Any lawyers who are not afraid of taking on #Sudhir Help.’ The disgruntled staff tweeted.

A one, James Onen said he was leaving the station after 21 years of hustle. ’21 years and the ride is over. Thanks for the support all these years.  You’re the best fans in the world. Will communicate future plans soon. In the meantime, Ladies, I am coming for transport money…; he posted.

Earlier today, comedian Patrick Salvador announced that he has joined the station.

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