Ronald Mayinja Backs Diggy Baur Against José Chameleone.

Legendary musician, Ronald Mayinja has backed Diggy Baur after Jose Chameleon allegedly brutalised Baur earlier this week.

Diggy Baur earlier released videos of himself terribly injured and blamed the whole thing on the aspiring Lord Mayor of Kampala.

Baur claimed that Chameleone had sent a gang to assault him in his studios in Makindye over unclear reasons. He thus banned Chameleone from his studio. However, the 'Ba Yuda' singer denied the accusations.

Diggy Baur

Ronald Mayinja seemed not ready to be left out of the drama. He sided with Baur and accused Chameleone of torture yet he is mature.

"I think Chameleone made a mistake fighting a producer. As an old man, he is not supposed to fight. There are better ways to solve conflict. It is good Chameleone has been banned from the studios.” he said.

Following the alleged assault, the Audio Producers Association Of Uganda (APAU) has since ,summoned Jose and his brother Weasel for a discussion on the accusations.

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