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Ronald Mayinja Regrets Meeting Museveni, Re Joins Bobi Wine.

Musician Ronald Mayinja has apologized to NUP Party leader and presidential hopeful, Kyagulanyi Ssentamu as he sheds off his remaining stains of NRM.

While unveiling the new party members today, Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine revealed how Ronald Mayinja was like the prodigal son who came to ask for forgiveness and be accepted back into the flock.

"Mayinja told me that he is not strong like me. In fact, he said I am their inspiration,” Bobi Wine said.

The 'Africa' singer also explained why he met President Museveni and swore that Museveni has nothing like a plan to steer Uganda ahead.

“I went to the President on a fact-finding mission. I wanted to know if he has a plan for this country. The truth is, we are on our own.” he said.

Mayinja was reported to have been a staunch people power movement fanatic during the Bye Election that saw Kyagulanyi Ssentamu into Parliament. He however later joined Museveni where it is alleged he got financial problems only.

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