Routine Sex Tops Fresh Exclusive Details About Carol Nantongo's Split From Gold Band.

A few days ago singer Carol Nantongo came out and announced the termination of her contract with Golden Band to pursue a solo career.

Nantongo's departure from Golden Band shouldn't be surprising to revelers, given the recent breakups from the group by prominent musicians who cited "Juju" acts from band members.

However, details have started emerging indicating why Nantongo called it quits.

Reports indicate that the singer has been having a secret relationship between two directors in the band. It is said that the two directors have been clashing on numerous issues regarding Nantongo.

It is indicated that these secret fights were cited in Nantongo’s quitting the band. It is also revealed that sometime back singer Hilary Kiyaga aka Hilderman was forced out of the band after clashing with city promoter Musa Kavuma of KT Promotions over  Nantongo.

It is revealed that Kavuma had a bitter feud with Hilderman, who was stuck on Nantongo.

Sources say that Hilderman had tried to secretly indulge with Nantongo ever since they did a collabo in a song titled ‘Ontuka’ in 2016.

Kavuma has tried on several occasions to deter the secret fling because he believed his female artiste would be diverted from her music career by horny guys.

However, when Hilderman quit the band Kavuma somehow breathed a sigh of relief. But later another director also created a difficult time for him because of Nantongo. Meanwhile, it is also said that singer Geosteady and Eddy Yawe one time gave Kavuma headache beacuse of Nantongo.

However this time around, Kavuma has been forced to let Nantongo quit Golden Band although he still handles her music under KT promotions.

Following the move, reports reveal that the relationship between Nantongo and Kavuma is beyond her music career, which is why he has been feuding with all people who were eyeing the singer.

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