"Sack Bijou Before We Separate"- Daniella Tells Chameleon.

The move by singer Jose Chameleon to boost his music career in 2020 through unlimited promotion in order to regain the stardom seems to have attracted negative vibes from his wife Daniella Atim.

Exclusive information we have landed on from the US reveals that Daniella could be on the next plane back to Uganda to first settle and get deep understanding why her husband had to choose a female manager sexy Bijou.

It has been understood that Chameleon and Daniella have been secretly burning data and airtime urguing over the choice of management.

An insider tells us that Daniella is not happy about the choice of manager the fact the Bijou and Chameleon were rumored to be so close a few years back. Their closeness almost caused a big fight to the Chameleons while still living in Seguku.

Bijou Fortunate

Daniella told our source that she also learnt the news of Bijou’s recruitment from online news and it sent her into a deep shock. Chameleon never informed her.

However, Chameleon has maintained a business relationship with Bijou, he denies any pleasure between the two.

Daniella has issued a stand warning to Chameleon. She says the singer should immediately terminate the contract of new manager or else he loses her again.

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