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Salvador Pens Down Romantic Message To Wife As They Celebrate Anniversary.

Comedian Salvador and the brain behind ‘Just Comedy’, a popular comdy show has penned down a touching message clad with sugary messages as he marks an anniversary since himself and fiancée, Frankstock became a thing.

Taking to his social media, the comedian, who is celebrating a year since he became husband to Frankstock, he re-affirmed his love for the beauty and thanked her for always believing in him

‘…I love you and will always make sure I stay true to my word of being the man of your heart’s desire…” Salvador’s message reads in part.

Salvador recently opened up about how he and his wife were expecting a third child.

Below Is His Full Message.

It was exactly 4am, I was in my room at Enro Hotel, Mityana, I kept on wondering why sleep had eluded me yet I slept at 2am, it hit me that in a few hours I and my family would officially be introduced to your family ...  I’m usually a very confident person but that day a lot of things crossed my mind from the weather to service providers to our friends but there is power in prayer, I went down on my Knees and asked God for a perfect day, and my word,  it only was the weather perfect, I was overwhelmed by the entourage that escorted me to pick my amazing bride, it was a glorious day, everything went perfectly well, I was meant to have 150 people but how we managed to accommodate 250 in my tent who were all comfortably seated Only God knows. I can’t forget the welcome we received from the family of Mr. Stephen Kiyingi and how smoothly the bogezi handled the whole occasion. I could go on and on about this day but I just want to thank everyone who made it a success, from your generous contributions to escorting me to Mityana you guys are the real MVP.  I would most especially like to thank my wife @frankstockd for making me believe in Me, we didn’t let anyone influence the plans we set 10years a go when we met and I want to thank her for staying focused and true to the plan we’d set on our first date, thank you for trusting our plans, a plan with God’s guidance is one that can be perfectly executed, it breaks my heart and that we’d had to replan what would have been our big day today in Church because of this Pandemic but as they say we better be safe than sorry, let’s know that in life as we make our plans, God is the master planner. So whatever we decide henceforth I’m sure will work out just fine.  I love you and will always make sure I stay true to my word of being the man of your heart’s desire. I’m not perfect but with you I’m close to it and I pray I never let you down.  Happy anniversary to us and May God bless all our hearts desires as long as they bring glory to his name

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