Salvador’s Landlord Speaks Out Over Shs500m Debt.

Lawrence , Landlord OF Comedian Patrick Salvador has finally come out to explain his side of the story about the ongoing rumours that his client is on the verge of landing himself into the coolers of Luzira.

Talking to our source, Lawrence acknowledges that the two have done many business deals together. The case of the alleged shs 500m debt was blown out of proportion by the media.

He revealed that there are debts involved between them but that is a private matter for them.

Lawrence argues out Ugandans who love spoilt things to stop that drama and concentrate on serious issues.

It should be recalled that over the weekend, rumours of how funnyman Patrick ‘Salvado’ Idringi is suffocating in deep debt of over Shs500 million and that he is about to be taken to prison for the failure of clearing it circulated on social media.

Salvado gave them a blind eye until he started getting numerous calls from his friends, relatives, and family expressing their concern about the stories of his reported ‘financial woes’.

In a long Facebook post intended to calm down all concerned people that care about him, the man from Ombokolo has come out to rubbish all the rumours circulating, saying,

“I am not in any debt whatsoever ever, I am not going to prison for whatsoever reason because I am a straight citizen of this country.”

He added, “The said landlord has been my landlord for almost eight years now and I still live in his apartments with the healthiest of relationships so let’s please respect people by not dragging them in stupid stories.”

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