"Sasha Brighton Is Loyal" Herbert Shonga Defends Sasha Brighton From Critics.

Kampala City socialite Herbert Shonga has bitterly reacted to fans who are against his relationship with Singer Sasha Brighton, he says that she is a very loyal girlfriend.

Speaking in a video that is circulating on social media, Shonga was drunk and upset that fact that Sasha is not around on his birthday.

" Sasha is a loyal girlfriend, I started sleeping with her on 3rd August after Bebe Cool's show until today, she has never cheated on me, she can never love more than one man, I will give a prize to any one who brings proof that she cheats on me " he said.

Drunk Shonga further revealed that Sasha does not love him because of his money, he says that she can stay with him even when he has peanuts.

" She doesn't like for the money I have, when she loves, she really does love, I love this mother f*king bitch and thats why I am sad she is not around for my birthday today, " he said.


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