SCREEN SHOTS; Dorothy Shonga Shocked Over Habib Shonga Chewing Sasha Brighton When She Was Bedridden

Ex wife to Kampala city socialite Habib Shonga has been left in shock after she learnt that her ex started sleeping with Singer Sasha Brighton the day she was bedridden, fighting for her life while they were still married.

This was after Habib Shonga leaked a video of hin revealing the first day he started chewing his current girlfriend Sasha Brighton which was 3rd August 2018.

Shonga And Sasha

This is when Dorothy Shonga took to her social media platforms and revealed that that day she was very sick but she managed to find the right clothes for his husband on that day because it was Bebe Cool's show.

"Eeh, mother f*cking b*tch , you mean when we were together and I was admitted to hospita fighting for my life on a sick bed, you were the other way f*cking, " she posted.

It should be remembered that Hebib Shonga and Dorothy Shonga officially got divorced on 27th February 2020.

Just weeks after they announced their divorce, Habib Shonga revealed that he is planning to visit Sasha Brighton 's parents in Luwero.

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