Sebabi Marries Second Wife, Leaves Single Men Stung.

The ugliest man in Uganda has continued to uplift the adage, "looks do not matter in love" as he has taken a second wife with whom he tied the knot earlier during the weekend.

Godfrey Baguma, 47 (Sebabi) is believed to suffer from a rare but unknown medical condition that has severely crippled his facia looks and height. He hit Ugandan fame when he won the competitions as Uganda's Ugliest Man alive in 2002 and has since then been a topic of discussion.

He tied the knot recently in a holy matrimony with a one, Kate Namanda who is now 30 and had already given him a child some years ago.

The two look happy and the wife is equally beautiful. The wedding photos have been viral on social media with many wondering how Sebabi did it.

Before his marriage to Kate, Sebabi had some children with his first wife, but their marriage came to an end when he caught her cheating.

Ssebabi’, is a father of seven. He earned his nick name ‘Ssebabi’ after winning in the ugliest man contest. Congratulations.

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