Senior Police Officer Reveals How Bryan White Is Protected By The Presidential Guard.

AIGP Asan Kasingye, the chief Political Commissar of the Uganda Police Force has revealed that faded socialite, Brian Kirumira alias Bryan White is protected by Presidential guards and not Uganda Police as suspected. While appearing before the parliamentary committee on Human Rights to respnd to claims that the Uganda Police is guarding the ‘criminal’ who accused of multiple rape and torture claims, Kasingye revealed that it is not the Uganda Police. "When I came here, I came to help you the committee to tell you exactly what you can do, but as it turns out it looks like you want to say that Kasingye did not do this and this. Now let me tell you and you will have to take it because I am a senior officer. Do not expect any AIGP will come here and tell you how the presidential Guard deploy their officers really! That’s not my job focus on what we have done so far. You should never even have called me," The senior Police Inspector fumed. Bryan White is expected to appear today before the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights to respond to allegations that he has sexually abused several women who were in his employ.

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