Sexy Rukshana Hooks Up With A Pensioner. 

Long time city bachelorette and NBS TV news anchor Ruk-shana Namuyimba has finally found the lover of her life.

Word on the street has it that Namuyimba is madly in love with a Ugandan based UK Pensioner known as Christopher.

The two have been spotted in Kampala top hangouts in the wee hours of most weekends rocked into each other. Our reliable source in the NBS TV newsroom told us that Chris and Namuyimba are head over heals for each other.

He recently gifted her with a brand new Mercedes Benz of UBF series. Her workmates at the station are full of envy of her.

A source also told us that according to the way things are moving fast, a wedding for the two could be on their to do list 2020. It should be remembered that Namuyimba for a long period of time has given Kampala men a run for their money.

There has been several allegations that the TV star is too picky when it comes to men but always open to any good deal.

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