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SHAME!! Jose Chameleon Involved In Bryan White's Rape Triangle.

Jose Chameleon

Ugandans are in shock after learning that legendary star Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleon was actually involved in money bag Bryan White's abduction and rape saga.

A one Stella Nandawula and Vivian Matanda who both claim to have been working for Bryan White accused him of sexually harassing them countless times in his home.

However, these girls revealed that they managed to escape because they nearly committed suicide due to innumerable beatings and sexual harassment from Bryan.

"We managed to escape but Bryan threatened to kill us, " Vivian said in an interview.


Unfortunately, Stella was dragged back to Bryan White's residence after Bryan used singer Chameleon to trick her.

Sources have it that Chameleon contacted Stella and requested to meet with her with an intention of solving issues between her and Bryan only to see that it was actually Bryan who had sent for her and later drove her back to his house.

However, Chameleon has rubbished all the allegations referring to it as idle talk.

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