SHAME; Jose Chameleone Cited in Sipapa - Brown Shuga Saga. 

The Sipapa and Brown Shuga saga is getting deeper and more complications emerging after it has surfaced how singer and aspiring Lord Mayor, Jose Chameleone masterminded the whole saga.

Money bags, Sipapa has of recent fallen out with singer Brown Shuga after family issues split them. The two are spitting fire on each other with Sipapa alleging that the songstress is a drug addict and even released evidence. On the other hand, Brown Shugar pinned Sipapa on claims that he tortured her.

Amidst all this, a video surfaced online in which Chameleone is heard with a one DJ Paul, a close associate of Sipapa.

Chameleone is heard telling him how to frame the reputation of Brown Shuga whilst DJ Paul is heard demanding millions for the job.

It ought to he noted that DJ Paul earlier. confessed how Sipapa bribed him with a car and cash so as to masquerade as Brown Shugars husband.

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