Shammie K On Why She Dumped Mc Kats.

Fast rising musician, Shammie K has finally spoken out on why she dumped NBS presenter, Mc Kats (Edwin Katamba).

Shammie revealed that she was signed to Producer Side Soft's management, Zivuga and Last Call.

However, Side Soft, who is her brother had a disagreement and fight with Mc Kats. Siding with Mc Kats would thus look like an affront to Side Soft hence she had to dump Mc Kats for her brother

"Side Soft is my brother. He is the one who discovered me and took me to work with Mc Kats.When they got misuderstandings, I had to choose my brother," Shammie K explained. The gorgeous singer however expressed gratitude to MC Kats for promoting her music and brand. “Mc Kats promoted my name and music. I am really grateful. I would not be where I am perhaps if he hadn't been in my life,” she made the revelations when quizzed about her relationship with MC Kats during an exclusive interview.

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