" She Is Looking For Cheap Popularity," Producer Andre Speaks Out Over Sexual Assault Allegations.

Daddy Andre has refuted claims that he asked for sex from Nadia Rania and claims she is only looking for cheap popularity and a breakthrough in the limelight.

Nadia Rania, an upcoming singer, ran to media to report how she had been cheated by Daddy Andre who took her money and refused to appear in the video of their collaboration.

While speaking to Spark TV, Nadia revealed that whenever she confronted the producer to get the song done, he would always invite her to his place where he would then beg to have sex with her several times.

When Daddy Andre came across the allegations, he was quick to throw them in the bin as he claimed that such upcoming singers are always looking for cheap popularity and an easy shot at fame.

Some of them just want a breakthrough but that is wrong to seek cheap popularity.

She has never paid money for me to have a collabo with her. If she paid to have a collabo with me, let her show you the receipts before doing anything else.

Nadia however refuted Andre’s revelations saying that he is not the type of person to produce a song for free and that she paid for everything in full. She maintains that the producer even appreciated her talent and begged to jump on the song hence turning it into a collabo.

Nadia went ahead to produce the receipts of payment which were signed by Daddy Andre in confirmation that the songstress had paid UGX400,000 for the song ‘Term ku Term’.


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