Sheebah Can Not Quit TNS, Kabako Trashes Speculations.

Musician Kabako has trashed speculations that have been allover soxial media that musician Sheebah Karungi has quit Team No Sleep (TNS).

Speaking in an interview with Spark tv, the 'singer said that there is no way Sheebah would quit TNS because she is the owner.

"Sheebah is the owner of Team No Sleep, how can she quit her own record label, she is a big brand too therefore she is still there and not planning to leave, " he said.

Lately, rumor has it that Sheebah fell out with Jeff Kiwa a few days ago with reasons not well known.

However, sources affirm that Sheebah released her song 'ekyama' without involving Jeff Kiwa and she is promoting it under another management known as SC events and management.

Sources also reveals that Jeff ordered his team to stop promoting sheebah's music and that he is apparently looking for another artist to sign to his record label.

It is also reported that Sheebah and Jeff are currently fighting over the Munyonyo based mansion because he claims to have a stake in it.

Sheebah has been working with manager Jeff Kiwa for over eight years. Apparently, these are all speculations and we are waiting to hear from both Sheebah and Kiwa.

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