Sheebah Plans Mega Launch Of Own Music Label To Taunt Jeff Kiwa.

Popular musician Sheebah Karungi is planning a mega launch for her new music label called Sheebah Establishments LTD which she started up shortly after quitting Jeff Kiwanuka's Team No Sleep (TNS) camp.

Snoops reveal that Sheebah, who has since acquired new management,  plans to launch all the new songs she has recorded in 2020 under her music label, such that she can start marketing them.

Some of her latest songs include 'Ekyama', ’Tevunya’ and others which she is currently working on.

The move comes after management at TNS assured Sheebah that she can quit the camp but all the songs she recorded and other intellectual property projects she engaged in while still under the music label belong to TNS.

Sheeebah is thus not supposed to perform any of the songs unless she first seeks permission from Jeff Kiwa and TNS or buys out the copyrights, which she cannot afford.

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