Sheila Gahumba Relegated To A House Wife, Runs Back To Her Dad's House.

Frank Gashumba And Sheilah

Keeping up with the Gashumba’s comes with a hard task. Exclusive information we have landed on is that Sheila Gashumba has officially returned to her Dad’s home in Kololo after many months away with her loaded boyfriend known as God’s Plan.

A source tells us that Sheila secretly went back to her father and asked to be taken back in.  A friend tells us that Sheila told her father that she needs some break from God’s plan and will later go back.

Sheilah and her Boyfriend

A source also told us that Sheila had been relegated to a house wife something that didn’t go down well with Frank Gashumba.

It has been revealed that Frank is failing to understand why a daughter he fought to raise can be in a house as a mere wife to an ordinary man.

Frank and Sheila sat and took a brave way of getting back into people’s faces by openly attacking former bosses at NTV.

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