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Sheila Nduhukire Buys A Sleek Mercedez Bez Monster.

As we strolled the empty streets of Kampala yesterday, we landed on a monster Mercedes Benz car enjoying the streets with no struggle.

To our shock, NBS TV gorgeous presenter Sheila Nduhukire was the one on the steering wheel looking relaxed as if there is no troubles in her life.

Our sources made a few phone calls around to establish if Sheila truly owns the sleek Benz. A confirmation has come out today that indeed Sheila bought the car recently from a city car dealer at fee we are yet to know.

On the other hand, Sheila deserves such wheel. She has been in the media for some good time having started as a reporter for Red pepper in the middle 2000s.

Really the nation lock down is not affecting everyone. Sheila has shown us level.

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