Sheilah Gashumba Hails God's Plan Despite His Criminal Record.

City socialite, Sheilah Gashumba has showered praise on her boyfriend, Marcus Lwanga alias God's plan despite his criminal record.

Sheilah Gashumba and Gods pPlan

In a social media post, Sheilah revealed that God's Plan sees his jail times as blessings in disguise since they helped him become a better man that he is now. "Marcus #GodsPlan once told me ‘Sheilah, I don’t regret going to prison because with the crimes and gangs in London at that time, I would have been dead right now if I continued with that life. Prison calmed me down , it made me reflect on life and made me a better man‬. It also made me learn to make better life decisions,” Sheilah wrote. Sheilah further re affirmed her love for Marcus praising him as one who has accepted Hus mistakes. " There is nothing as beautiful as a man who acknowledges his mistakes with soo much honesty! That’s when I knew that someone’s past is just a story, it’s only a lesson not a life sentence. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what you used to do in your past, WHAT MATTERS IS WHERE YOUR LIFE IS HEADING NOW.  I don’t regret choosing you ️. Always let go of the past but keep lessons that it taught you.” she posted.

Sheilah remained unfazed when she kicked off her relationship with God's Plan as critics pointed fingers at her for dating an ex convict. It is reported that God's plan was arrested in the UK for aggravated robbery where he would use school going children to rob a lot of money mostly money vans. He would monitor the whole robbing exercise from a different location as he tracked down the money vans. According to the East London Flying Squad Chief, Gary Donnison said Lwanga, 21, had masterminded up to nine robberies in less than two months netting more than £100,000 (Shs460m).

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