• Khinamura

Sheilah Gashumba In Verbal War With Dembe Fm's Kasuku.

Following her landslide victory over Tina Fierce which saw her show, Scoop On Scoop suspended by Uganda Communication Commission, reknown digital influencer, Sheilah Carol Gashumba has turned her guns on Dembe FM and Spark TV's Isaac Katende alias Kasuku.

It all started when Kasuku took to NBS and defended his fellow media personalities against Cyber bullying.

In response, Gashumba lashed at him saying he has no right to talk about cyber bullying since he has in the past years notoriously bullied public figures and artistes alike. She also revealed that Kasuku feels threatened since his show 'Talk N Talk' is next on the UCC suspension list.

"Kasuku, you are the one who has no moral authority to talk about cyber bullying because you have BULLIED PUBLIC FIGURES AND Artists over the years!! You are only threatened because you know that you are NEXT to be suspended because what your show on Ddembe does is to BULLY!!" Sheilah said.

She went on to accuse him of hypocrisy since he did not care to call her to inquire about her reactions towards Tina Fierce.

"You claim to be my friend but did you ever call me to find out why I reacted that way to the former TV presenter! Kasuku if someone woke up and told your daughter that you molest her, wouldn’t your daughter abuse the person back if they kept abusing her for 2 weeks! Hypocrite!!" she ranted.

Fans have been wondering who will win since Kasuku remains unfazed by the socialite's threats.

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