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Sheilah Gashumba Meets UCC Officials Over Urban TV and Tina Fierce.

Pencil sized socialite, Sheilah Gashumba has taken her fight against Tina Fierce and Urban Television to another level after she met Uganda Communication Commission officials to further crucify Tina Fierce and her employer station on allegations of cyber bullying.

Sheilah, who was accompanied by her dad, Frank Gashumba and her lawyers on Monday 7th September 2020 visited UCC offices and gave concrete evidence that could land Tina Fierce in hotter soup.

She submitted muscle evidence to the effect that Tina Fierce, through her show Scoop on Scoop' had made it a habit to cyber bully celebrities and thereby tarnishing their public image. Sheila claimed she was the chief victim and expressed a desire that Tina must be humbled, and penalized according to the Constitution.

"Unless they confess all the lies they said about you to gain favor. They will never know PEACE." Sheila was quoted as having said.

The evidence provided by Sheilah, her sympathizers hope will bring Tina Fierce on her knees. Tina however up to now remains defiant in face I these unfortunate developments.

Worth noting is that earlier during the lockdown, Sheilah Gashumba accused Tina of staining her public image and issued a notice to sue demanding a sum of close to forty million shillings as compensation. Tina however dismissed the threats as mere childish play.

UCC however intervened and suspended Tina and her show, Scoop on Scoop' till further notice.

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