Sheilah Gashumba Puts Tina Fierce On Gun Point,  Demands 400 Millions.

The war between socialite Sheilah Gashumba and Urban TV's Tina Fierce is getting ugly as Sheilah, together with her lover, God's Plan have hired a team of lawyers to drag Tina to court.

Through Balondemu and Co. Advocates, Sheilah Gashumba alleges that Tina through her show 'Sqoop on Sqoop' on Urban TV spreads hate speech, false news and there by staining her public image.

"You have on several occasions with wanton disregard to our client's rights maliciously attacked them [Marcus and Sheila] through your television programme called Scoop on Scoop which airs on Urban TV every Monday to Friday..." reads the letter from the lawyers seen by this website.

They have therefore demanded a payment of 400 Millions or face court on charges of defamation.

Earlier, Sheilah had given Tina Fierce an ultimatum of 48 hours to apologise for tarnishing her public image which Tina refused, calling Sheilah a cry baby who needs attention.

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