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Sheilah Gashumba's Failed Online Show With Ex Boyfriend Reportedly Giving Her Nightmares. 

Socialite Sheilah Carol Gashumba is currently at cross roads on the future of her online show dubbed, Gash and God's Plan Iounge and has reportedly failed to land sponsors to ensure the smooth running of the programme.

A few months ago, after launching a successful campaign called 'Stop Social media bullying in Uganda", the celebrated socialite went on, together with her then boyfriend, Marcus Lwanga (God's Plan) to launch an online show in which God's Plan and herself would host the show.

However, it seems that their relationship hit a dead end, the show, which only has one episode may also be a failed venture as God's Plan and Sheila are currently sulking over issues unknown to the media. Marcus further went on to parade his new catch, something that broke the camel's back furthermore.

A reliable Snoop in Sheilah's camp intimated to this website how the pencil sized socialite planned to earn alot from the show but things are turning out to be worse, having failed to convince donors to pump cash into the show.

"Sheilah thought it would be a good landing for her but things are going in a different direction. She has failed to land sponsors for the show as had she anticipated, " the Snoop revealed.

Sheilah recently criticised Television stations in Uganda for paying 'pea nuts' to their workers, having worked for a number of radio stations since she was a kid.

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