Sheilah Gashumba Trashes Pregnancy And Abortion Rumors.

Celebrated socialite, Sheilah Gashumba together with her lover, God's Plan have trashed claims that she once got  pregnant and had a miscarriage

In a social media attack, the pencil sized socialite said the claims were baseless and were being perpetrated by people who sought to drag her down. She said that her family is blessed with strong genes that she gets sick only once a year. Adding that a miscarriage was impossible. "The claims that I have ever aborted and had a miscarriage plus ever being pregnant are all false and baseless." she said. Adding  "I'm one person who gets sick only once a year. My family genes are so strong and in fact, it’s even very hard to find or hear about me suffering from Malaria." Sheilah Gashumba has been linked to several celebrities like Fik Fameika. She is currently with God's Plan who she claims is a former Arsenal Player.

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