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SHOCKING: Bad Black Not Sorry To Have Bleached, Reveals Why.

Controversial socialite, Shanitah Namuyimba a.k.a Bad Black has dismissed claims that Black is beauty as she revealed, in a fresh interview why a light skin is an advantage hence why she bleached.

The socialite, who in earlier photos is shown to be extremely dark skinned has admitted to have bleached for various reasons.

She revealed that 'clients' always preffered dealing with a light skinned lady as opposed to the Black skinned one. She thus resorted to bleaching to improve her market and hence her earnings from her bedroom related talents.

Aside from that however, she did it just for show biz and for the same of modernity

"Changing my body colour was just for showbiz and I am not complaining about it or to God that created me in a way I didn't appreciate. To bleach is peace, modernity, freedom and everything related to that," she said, while appearing on a local television show for an exclusive interview.

The socialite has however insisted she is no longer a prostitute as she has her man, Asha who is readily available. She hinted about getting married at 40.

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