• Khinamura

SHOCKING; Beenie Gunter's DNA Results With Alleged Child Out.

Talent Africa musician, Beenie Gunter has released his results with a child that a one, Phiona Akankwasa who earlier pinned him for fathering and ignoring her child. 

It all started when Fiona Akankwasa started telling whoever cared to listen how the musician impregnated her after meeting her in a bar but later stopped sending child support.

This even went as far as attracting the unsolicited attention of Minister Nakiwala Kiyingi who is responsible for children affairs.

However Beenie Gunter kept denying being the father and was challenged to take a DNA test.

The results, which were released by MBN Clinical Laboratories state that the results don't match and  thus the musician should not be held accountable. This excited Bernie Gunter who posted the results on social media captioning them '"In de end de truth comes tu light... Stay cool and focus!! #TalkTruth #JahLovdToDeTing." It is however un clear how Fiona Akankwasa took the news as efforts to contact her were futile.

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