Shonga Loses Cars To Moneylender Over Shs80M Loan Which He Secured To Fund Sasha's Music Videos.

A few months ago, it was revealed  that city socialite Hebert Shonga, who was one time branded ‘Kampala’s loaded socialite’, was reportedly having stressful nights battling huge loans. 

Reports revealed that the socialite had his posh cars attached by a city moneylender until he could clear his debts.

It is said that Shonga secured around Shs70M in bits and staked his two cars, a Range Rover and Ford Mustang as collateral on condition that when he refunds the money, he will take the cars.  But since August last year he has been playing hide and seek with the moneylender, promising to pay in vain, until late last year when he realized he had failed to get all the money.

After failing to get the money, last month the two resolved that the Moneylender transfers ownership of the cars into his names. He thus registered them with Ugandan number plates and remove the South African plates.

It is also said that the Ford Mustang 2016 car model is estimated around Shs80m and the Range Rover at Shs200m, but they have both been taken for just Shs80m which Shonga failed to pay back.

Reports say that Shonga used part of the money to bankroll promoting and shooting videos for singing lover Sasha Bryton, whom he is juggling alongside his estranged wife Dorothy Shonga.

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