"Shut Up", Ykee Benda To Big Eye .

Ykee Benda has advised fellow musician Big Eye to forget about NRM money and start making his children proud of him.

Speaking in an interview on NBS Uncut, the musician said that all musicians are struggling financially just because they don't show it. He said that Big Eye must borrow a leaf from the quiet musicians and concentrate on working hard and make his children proud instead of publicly lamenting over his many debts. “You have children. Your children are growing up and they will see how you were behaving and that is not good. They want to see you stand up and fight like a man.” he said. Big Eye star boss has recently come out lamenting how broke he is. He then threatened to sue President Museveni should he fail to pay him 270  Millions for his services as a musician in the 2011 campaigns.

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