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Sice Diana's Manager Roger Accused Of Infidelity. 

Spice Diana’s manager Roger Lubega is being accused of having a secret affair with Mubiru Swaib’s wife, a business man in makindye.

According to the reports, manager Roja as he's famously known, was caught red handed in the business man’s matrimonial home as he was astonished to find a car alleged to be belonging to Manager Roger parked outside his home. In retaliation Mubiru Swaib badly damaged the vehicle. Manager Roger while speaking to this website, denies having indulged in the act of infidelity as he points that he wasn’t aware of the information as it found him performing his activities.

“I dont know the woman and have never had anything to do with her, I don’t own the car(UBA 972A)that was damaged and am not under police custody.” He said. According to Kampala Metropolitan spokesperson Patrick Onyango , Manager Roger is under their custody for criminal trespass. However, we are yet to discover the underlying truth about the allegations. We will keep you posted.

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