Singer Catherine Kusasira Offers Personal Car And Boxes Of Water For COVID-19 Relief.

Singer Catherine Kusasira has offered her personal ride ( Land CruiserV8) to help in transporting expectant mothers to hospital during the lock down.

The singer also donated 500 boxes of mineral water ( Hill water) to facilitate sick and medical personnel at the fore front of the fight against Covid 19.

She said that the virus has affected everyone regardless of who they are therefore she has done this as an example to the rest.

She also urged fans and the rest of Ugandans to follow government guidelines during this time such that “we all come out of it alive”.

I ask everyone out there, we should stay home as the government advised us to. This looks like your freedom is being infringed on but it is for your own benefit. Let us stay home so that we can meet again alive,” she said.

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