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Singer Chozen Becky Cautions Slay Queens Against Snatching Her Man.

Musician Chozen Becky has gone all protective on her man and vowed to crack a whip on any slay queen that attempts to snatch her sweet heart as he is the only person she has in this whole world.

Chosen Becky and boyfriend

A WhatsApp screenshot in which Becky is seen expressing her fury at any prospective man snatcher went viral on social media, which left many slay queens who have their eyes on her man scared our of their wits.

" If I ever get any slay queen with my husband, I swear I will fight for sure…. In fact, I beg you all slay queens to stay away from my baby boy… never ever disturb our relationship because he is all I need in this world.”

Becky , a mother of one who is currently dating Dictator Amir has been recently well known as a humble and respectful person. She has however been in earthed as vulnerable when it comes to her husband. 

Becky's comments come at a time after Zahara Totto recently broke up with her Nigerian prince, Don Solomon over cheating. Sheila Gashumba is also nursing a heart break after God's Plan reportedly dumped her for 'fresher

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