Singer Maureen Nantume Already Grappling With Brokenness, Curses 2020.

At the start of the year, many believed it would turn out to become a year of financial growth and other great achievements but it turns out to be the exact opposite with each day that goes by.

This is as a result of the worldwide pandemic, the Corona virus, which has thrown the world into panic with many people succumbing to the disease.

Local songstress, Maureen Nantume is already missing 2019. She has expressed how her new relationship with 2020 doesn’t seem to be working out fine for her as she labels it; 'toxic, hurting, and deadly'.

“I have started missing my Ex-boyfriend Now. I Don’t Think this New Relationship will Work for me. Apanna, 2019 Honey Am sorry For everything Naye Wali mulunji nnyo 2020”- Maureen posted.

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