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Singer Red Banton Hit By Kampala Hunger And Poverty, Cries Out For Posho.

At the beginning of the 20th century, faded singer Redbanton rose from grass to grace. He was among the most expensive singers in the early 2000s. But as the years went by, RedBanton succumbed to music pressure and disappeared on the scene.

He was recently interviewed about how he is living under the lockdown, and he said he is broke like a church mouse.

As the covid 19 pandemic lock down continues to hit the nation, singer Redbanton has come out to cry to fellow Ugandans and government for help.

 He also reconsiders to leave the Kampala city if situation remains the same.

He said that he can no longer manage to feed himself for a day.

If he's lucky on a day he feeds on water. In a brief interview with the media today the singer says.

I can longer feed myself. Let the government also think about us musicians and give us the posho” he said.

Sources told us that RedBanton currently lives in the suburbs of Makyindye.

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