SK MbugaTo Loose His Hospital Over 630m Debt.

By the look of things, embattled flamboyant city socialite Suleiman Kabangala Mbuga is not yet about to breathe a sigh of relief from the troubles of his life. Latest reports reaching us have it that Mbuga is on tenterhooks because fellow city businessman Tom Kaya of Kaki Investments is on verge of attaching his Kansanga proposed hospital over a USD170,000 debt, roughly Shs630m.

A source mentioned to us that Mbuga secured the loan some time back before he got involved in the fraud saga that saw him jailed for close to two years. A source intimated to us that Mbuga had staked the title for the proposed hospital to Kaya and had agreed to pay at some specified time before he got nabbed in Dubai.

Sources say that when Mbuga got out of prison last month, he found out that Kaya was in final plans to possess the structure and turn it into his desired plans. Latest info indicates that the two are now bickering and the matter is likely to end in courts of law.

Meanwhile, we have learnt that Mbuga is secretly looking for money badly so that he clears Kaya before he takes over the structure. However other sources say that Mbuga has some accounts in Dubai with millions but info has it that he already has a ban never to travel to any emirates country especially in the United Arab Emirates, after his recorded financial crime where he got imprisoned for a year in Dubai.

We have also learnt that Mbuga was slapped with a travel ban that was issued against him last year whereby he can’t be allowed to step in UAE. The travel ban currently prevents Mbuga from traveling to the UAE for some years. Meanwhile we have also learnt that following the travel ban in UAE, Mbuga cannot secure visas to several European countries and the USA. It should be noted that Mbuga is reported to have immigration issues in South Africa where he allegedly became a wanted man over some cases before he resettled in Uganda.

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